Interesting facts about the culture of Puerto Rico

The culture of Puerto Rico can be described as a mix of many different cultures. The first inhabitants of the island were the Taíno people who arrived about 500 A.D. They brought with them their agricultural and hunting skills, which mixed with those of the Caribs, an Amerindian tribe that had already settled in Puerto Rico. The Taínos established a very strong culture and heritage. They have a very unique way of life that is still alive today.

Later, waves of immigrants included Spanish colonists from Europe (mainly Andalusia), African slaves, American military personnel and citizens from other Latin American countries during its time as a Spanish colony. Aspects unique to Puerto Rican culture include Afro-Caribbean syncretism; widespread use of both English and Spanish together; heavy influence by Cuba due to close economic ties; voodoo religion is also practiced widely.

A diverse mix of cultures

The culture of Puerto Rico is very diverse. There are many different types of foods that are popular in Puerto Rico. Some of the popular food items include island-style food, Dominican food, and Spanish food.

Slow-paced lifestyle

When people move to Puerto Rico, they experience a drastic change in their life. Normally, people in North America are used to a very fast-paced lifestyle. When people move to Puerto Rico, they have to adapt to a slower-paced lifestyle. 

There are many ways to enjoy the culture of Puerto Rico. Some people enjoy spending time outdoors. Others enjoy visiting the various museums that are located throughout the island.The culture of Puerto Rico is very diverse and enjoyable. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a culturally rich experience.


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