Learning Language Fast Tip #20: Read classic children's books

Essentially any kind of reading that will help you grasp the language you are learning is better than nothing. In fact, even reading Itsy Bitsy Spider in your target language could work!

Why? Since you already know the story, it gives you a chance to mentally translate. Even better are songs from childhood.

Here's an example with Itsy Bitsy Spider translated in Filipino.

Maliit na gagamba, umakyat sa sanga
Dumating ang ulan, tinaboy sila
Sumikat ang araw, sila ay natuyo
Maliit na gagamba, laging masaya

Although the translation is not very literal, the song still sends an almost similar meaning as the English version.

Find familiar children's books at your local library of your target language. Amazon is a great resource, if you're willing to shell out a few bucks. Did you ever consider an Italian version of Dr. Seuss' books? Check out this version of Green Eggs and Ham! (Prosciutto e Uova Verdi)

And if you're not learning Italian, you can see more resources for translated Children's Books here.

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