Learning Language Fast Tip #24: Repeat, repeat, repeat

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Even if it can get annoying.

This is how we learn from infancy, when parents talk to us.

This method works especially for Chinese language, which is tonal. I tell my friends, you will never learn Chinese straight from the book. You  have to listen repeatedly to learn the tones. You have to listen to how words are spoken, because only exposure to how the Chinese say it will get you familiar with the language.

Now how do you get past the part where it gets boring?

Become proactive. Did you ever think about repeating to other people the words that you just learned. You don't even need an active listener. Just record yourself as if someone is listening. Then play it back and see how well you did.

Don't have time for Chinese audio? Why not plug a program into your audio player and listen while you're driving to work? Why not put on your earphones while folding the laundry? Sad but true, there's no shortcut to learning a language. Live, learn, repeat!

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