Learning Language Fast Tip #2: It's who you know

Language exists because of our need to express ourselves and communicate with other beings, whether humans or animals...So it is no mystery that one of the fastest ways to learn a language is to direct your communication efforts towards people you know!

In Kathleen Peddicord's book How to Retire Overseas, I took notes on things she mentioned how she learned languages from different countries based on personal experience.
It's who you know...
Connect with expats and learn from forums via Internet. aren't going to pick up the osmosis.

Mrs. Peddicord's experience living in Panama and exchanging basic conversation with her maid Olga everyday increased her vocabulary because it was all spoken in Spanish.

...watching movies in English with Spanish subtitles...

Make sign language...and encourage [the locals] to correct you.

...Making a focused effort and putting yourself in situations everyday where you'll have no choice but to speak the new language....
Do these make sense to you? They will once they are put into application.  One of the best articles I've read is Andreas Schmidt's experience in learning Italian  from zero to university level in three months. Try his tips for yourself. 

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