FREE LANGUAGE RESOURCES: Learn Spanish free from the University of Texas at Austin

Free Spanish lessons? You read it right! This is a first of our series about where to find the freest free resources on how to learn Spanish online.

#1: Spanish Proficiency Exercises by the University of Texas at Austin

We would like to extend our big thanks to the staff of UT at Austin for sharing this rich resource on learning Spanish online free. Whether you will be traveling to South America or Spain, the lessons in this site will get you started, from beginning to very advanced, on how to speak in Spanish.

The structure of the site is very simple. We are provided with videos, where native speakers from various Spanish speaking regions talk about the topics given to them without a script. They talk freely so you have an idea of where they come from, how they pronounce words and a bit about their country-specific culture. Once you click on the videos, you can choose between reading the Spanish text while they speak it, usually no longer than two paragraphs per speaker, or reading it translated in English, or no words at all, just audio.

Then we are also given vocabulary and grammar explanations. The website also provides phrases with line by line translation into English. Finally, there's the option to download the podcast of those videos you listened to, or subscribe, if you intend further exposure and want to listen to them straight from your smartphone.

Keep reading for more free Spanish resources here on our site. ¡Buenos días!

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