Seoul: Shopping Korean style

In Seoul, rows and rows of restaurants and stores can be found in almost every corner of the city -- most are, thankfully, affordable for the travel shopper. It's also a credit card friendly place. So if you're in Namdaemun and are itching to get your hands on Korean delicacies, fashion, electronics and all the good stuff, learn a few words and you'll be filling your shopping bags (쇼핑백) in no time.

shopping = shopping 쇼핑
buy / to buy = sada 사다
I want to buy = naega sago sip-eun. 내가 사고 싶은.
I want to go shopping = naneun syoping eul gago sip-eo . 나는 쇼핑을 가고 싶어.
pay / to pay / payment = jibul 지불
store / shop = jeojang 저장 gage 가게
department store = baeghwajeom 백화점
cash / money I = hyeongeum 현금 don 돈
credit card = sin-yong kadeu 신용 카드
convenience store = pyeon-uijeom 편의점
market = sijang 시장
book/s = seojeog 서적
clothes = cheon 천
shoes = gudu 구두
souvenir / gift = ginyeompum 기념품 seonmul 선물
food = sigpum 식품
drink = eumju 음주
cheap = ssan 싼
expensive = bissan 비싼
fitting room = piting lum 피팅 룸
cashier = chulnab-won 출납원
sell / to sell = palda 팔다
discount = hal-in 할인
price = gagyeog 가격
refund = hwanbulgeum 환불금
exchange = gyohwan 교환

Where is the shopping area? eodi syoping jiyeog-eun ? 어디 쇼핑 지역은?
I'm just looking. nan geunyang chajgo iss-eoyo. 난 그냥 찾고 있어요.
Do you have...? dangsin-eun ma ... 당신은 마 ...
Please help me find... naleul chaj-eul su issdolog dowa juseyo ... 나를 찾을 수 있도록 도와주세요 ...
I need... naneun pil-yohada... 나는 필요하다...
Can I look at it? naneun geugeos-eul bol su issseubnikka? 나는 그것을 볼 수 있습니까?
What sizes do you have? eotteon keugi dangsin-i hal 어떤 크기 당신이 할
What other colors? daleun eotteon saeg ? 다른 어떤 색?
I want to try it. naneun geugeos-eul sidohalyeoneun . 나는 그것을 시도하려는.
It fits well. jal majneun deyo. 잘 맞는 데요.
It doesn't fit. geugeos-eun maj-ji anhneun 그것은 맞지 않는
It's okay. It's good. gwaenchanh-a. 괜찮아. geugeos-eun joh-eun 그것은 좋은
How much? eolmana? 얼마나?
Is there any discount? modeun hal-in ? 모든 할인?
I like it. naneun geugeos-eul joh-ahaji 나는 그것을 좋아하지
I will buy it. naneun geugeos-eul sal geos-ida . 나는 그것을 살 것이다.
Where can I pay? eodieseo jibul hal su issseubnikka? 어디에서 지불 할 수 있습니까?
Thank you! gomabseubnida. 고맙습니다.
You're welcome. byeolmalsseum-eul yo . 별말씀을 요

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