101 Ways to Learn Language Fast: Listen to audio during daily commute

1. Listen to language audio during daily commute, getting dressed in the morning or any time of the day when you can absorb information on the background.

Do you ever find yourself listening to the same music or radio station every morning when you're getting ready for work? Your 30 minutes in the vanity room getting dressed and putting makeup on could be put to good use! Stuck in traffic during your early commute to work? Get plugged in!

There are little things in life that we don't even realize we could be gaining something by simply being aware of our time. When I spent my summer days in my Grandma's house, back when I was in elementary school, I adored the late mornings when my aunt would put on a radio novela series. She would be cooking something really yummy while we follow the story on the radio, every day, same station, same time. We memorized the characters, we anticipated what's going to happen next, while we wait for delicious homemade lunch. Man, those were the days!

And now that I'm grown up and I think about it, I realized that if I did the same thing today, then I would have gained me a whole new world of learning. This time a language of my choice.

Don't listen to audio to distract you from what you're doing that requires your 100% focus. If you're simply driving or riding the bus, you can tune in to a podcast or a series of language audio that you can follow day by day, even if only for 15-30 minutes. If you have time to put on your bluetooth stereo and hook it up to a language app, play it while you're getting dressed for work. I find that when I have something to listen to while I'm walking around the house, it's like fulfilling a void. My mind is working while I'm doing something that doesn't require my mind to "work."

Remember that the goal is not to try to memorize while you're listening to language audio on the background. The goal is "exposure." The more you expose yourself to the sounds of your target language, the more familiar you become so that when it's time to sit down to study, you can tell yourself, "Wait a minute, I heard this word before!"

Expose yourself to language as much as you could whether audio, video or reading and writing, as this is the building block of familiarization and fluency. If you can start with one audio lesson today and stay dedicated, you'll finish the 100th in no time, just like me!

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